HanWJ Chinese Input Mobile

Chinese Input Software Free Download

Chinese Input Mobile: Compact HanWJ Chinese Input Engine which enable you to input Chinese on PCs which doesn't have Chinese input system. It can be installed on a USB stick. Wherever you go, you can just find a computer and insert the USB stick, and snap(!), you are ready to type Chinese! The best thing is, it does NOT interfere with the computer, doesn't leave data there, and does NOT change any system settings!

HanWJ Chinese Mobile is Pinyin-based Chinese typing tool.It features:

  • Quick, fault-tolerant. Chinese word input shortcut.
  • Zi & word usage lookup.
  • Many Chinese input assistant features.
  • Step-by-step slide-demo for rich features of typing Chinese.

Instructions: (1) Insert USB (with Chinese Input Mobile installed), (2) Find out HanWJ red icon ( HwjUsbLauncher.exe) and double-click. It launches Chinese Input Mobile; since USB is external device, it will take a while to load the program.

Notice: (1) After exited Chinese Input Mobile, since the program needs to write new words (added during typing) back to USB disk, it will take a moment before system allows you to safely take USB stick out. (2) The correct way to exit the Chinese Input Mobile is: right-click the HanWJ Chinese Input icon on the task tray at the lower-right corner on the screen, select "Shutdown HanWJ". (3) On USB drive, at least 26 MB space is needed to install Chinese Input Mobile.

* Chinese Input Mobile 5.11 17MB     >>Free Download