We provide the following services

Provide Chinese PinYin module (As source code or library) and supporting Chinese character database (GBK). Sample program also provided. Character candidates are displayed such that more often used ones come first. Reach out to Chinese market by adding Chinese input functionalities to your software easily and powerfully, and profit today!! Price is low.

"Input by word()" module also available.
If interested, please contact hanwj178@gmail.com.

Translation between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Provide contract work for adding Chinese user interface to your software (or just buy relevant modules from us for this purpose) and/or software installer; Or other language-related software tasks.

Provide Chinese-Language processing modules (to add to your software), e.g., Chinese-Word-Forcast module, Traditional-Simplified-Chinese-Translation module. These will be the same modules as used in HanWJ Chinese Software suite.

If interested, please contact hanwj178@gmail.com.