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Annotated Chinese Reader Quick Guide

    Annotated Chinese Reader is the most convenient online Chinese-English dictionary and Chinese reference tool. For unknown HanZi, with just two clicks, you get HanZi info display! For a selected Chinese paragraph, it shows annotated Chinese Hanzi and word stream. It is a very powerful tool for reading Chinese text. It also has function to speak out Chinese/English text.

    (1) After instalation,there should be Annotated Chinese Reader icon on desktop (see right figure); a menu item in Start menu will also be present.

    (2) After launching Annotated Chinese Reader,a small Annotated Chinese Reader toolbar will pop up (see figure below). On it there are two buttons: a dictionary button (main function) and a speaker button.

    (3) When encountering unknown Chinese character or word, just select it using mouse, then click the dictionary button on the toolbar, thus launching the HanZi info display. It's as simple as that!

    If selected a Chinese paragraph, the HanZi info display will annotate each word or character in the block and display it as a continuous stream. This greatly helps Chinese reading process.

    * For Chinese character or word, this Hanzi Annotation feature shows toned PinYin, definition in English, parts decomposition, stroke order, etc.; for paragraph, it annotates each character or word specifying its pronounciation and definition. These features are unique and essential for Chinese reading.
    When program reads out the Chinese text, the Hanzi being read will be high-lighted for easier attention following. Source text and annotated text will be displayed on two different views; when you put caret on Hanzi on source text, corresponding word in annotated view will be high-lighted.
    The breaking down of source text into hanzi character/word stream is by maximum-length matching method. Although best effort is being made, this program cannot guarantee the division of characters and words is 100% correct.

    (4) After launching Annotated Chinese Reader, besides the Annotated Chinese Reader toolbar, there will be a Annotated Chinese Reader control icon on TaskTray at lower-right corner of desktop(see figure below). Left-Click on this icon to hide/show Annotated Chinese Reader toolbar.

    (5) Right-Click will pop up the Control Menu.

    (6) Right-Click on Annotated Chinese Reader toolbar will pop up a control menu, see figure below.