Chinese Speech Output with HanWJ Smart Editor

By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Schmidt


The author of this software has included a Chinese Speech Output feature in HanWJ Smart Editor from version 3.64 onwards and has named this version “HanWJ Smart Editor Speech Edition”. There is also another version of this software without these Speech Edition features.


Introduction: Advantages and Benefits

What do “Speech Edition” and “Chinese Speech Output feature” mean? The answer to this is at least twofold:



These additional and most recent features added to this software are especially helpful (not only) for Western users of HanWJ Smart Editor and for any Western learners and users of Chinese – you will be able to produce sound files in addition to the written text, and by listening and reading simultaneously to the text contents, you have multimedia features added to your lesson or study that will greatly enhance your learning efforts and will make them worthwhile and rewarding.


And above all, teachers of Chinese to Western learners (students) of Chinese might love this software as it will enable them to prepare multimedia based lessons that will greatly enhance the learning efforts of their students.


And it is for this and similar other reasons why this Chinese Speech Output feature has been included in this software.


Minimum Requirements to run this Speech Output Feature on a Western Windows System

The minimum hardware configuration requirements are:


The minimum software Requirements are:


First Steps of Using HanWJ Smart Editor Speech Edition

After having completed the installation of HanWJ Smart Editor Speech Edition, go to the Control Panel and click the Speech Input/Output button there. You will find it normally to the left of the System button in the Control Panel Menu.


Fig.1: Control Panel screenshot in German Windows XP Home Edition version. The Speech Input/Output button is the one in the second line from below and the last before the SYSTEM button. The icon of this button looks always the same regardless of the specific Windows language version (German, English,…) you may own.



Then, in the next window popping up now, choose the “Microsoft Simplified Chinese” option in the field above.



Fig. 2: MS Simplified Voice Engine option selection


It is very important that you do these settings according to the instructions given here. Otherwise, you may not hear any Chinese sound output when running Han WJ Smart Editor Speech Edition. And this is especially true when running HanWJ Smart Editor Speech Edition on Western Windows systems.



Using Speech Edition Features in HanWJ Smart Editor

It is not complicated. All you need to do to activate this feature is clicking the sound button symbol in the menu bar on top of the HanWJ Smart Editor screen. Doing so will display another sound player bar at the button of the screen.


Fig.3: HanWJ Smart Editor main window screenshot. You will see the sound output button symbol displayed in the menu bar on the top of the screen to the left.


There are a number of Chinese Speech Output options in the following menu items which will be briefly explained here.


1. In the FILE menu, you will find three buttons relating to the speech output feature in this software:



2. In the OPTION menu, you will also find three other buttons relating to the speech output feature in this software. They are:









Fig. 4: Speech Settings Dialog screenshot. By moving with the mouse cursor to the right, you will increase the setting values, by moving it to the left, you will decrease these.




As you become more acquainted in using these functions in HanWJ Smart Editor Speech Edition, you will realize that it this Chinese Speech output feature in fact quite easy and pleasant to use.


The Chinese Speech output feature in HanWJ Smart Editor work with both Simplified Chinese characters and Traditional Chinese characters. It can work with Western languages too, as long as the Speech Engine MS SAPI 5.1 supports them.


We wish you success and joy in using this great feature added. And please feel free to contact us if you have any questions concerning this new feature or may have some suggestions for improvement. We are always here to serve you!