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Tone pinyin is the full form of pinyin, and is widely used in Chinese teaching and document indexing. Yet its typing is difficult.

New version of Hanwj Chinese Smart Editor fixed bug and extended the innovative HanWJ Tone Pinyin Input Method, with which typing of toned pinyin can be done with just one press. Documentation is improved.

Brief introduction:

In western input mode, pressing down vowel key and then quickly typing Tone key (leftmost column of keys on keyboard or numeric keys).
Examples: pressing down 'a', then quickly typing ~ key will input '¨¡'. holding u, tap TAB key, produces ¨²; holding u, tap 2 key, also produces ¨².

Number Tone Keys
Tone Pinyin numbers
Tone Keys on leftmost column of keys
Chinese Pinyin Input Software

In Chinese input mode, this is done by typing pinyin, then type tone key (on leftmost column of keys); then type F8 or RightShift+e to produce the toned letter.

Tone Pinyin numbers


Hanwj Chinese Smart Editor, Annotated Chinese Reader, HanWJ Chinese Input Engine, HanWJ Chinotes, SpeechAnywhere, updated to new versions: resolved UI and Text-To-Speech issues with Windows 10/7/8.


HanWJ Chinese Input Engine, Hanwj Chinese Smart Editor, HanWJ Chinotes, version 4.51: Wordbase now contains more than 700 thousands words, greatly speeding up input process. The quality and richness of HanWJ Wordbase is world-number one! Some bug fixes.

Annotated Chinese Reader, HanWJ Chinese Smart Editor, and SpeechAnywhere improved Text-To-Speech feature; bug fixes.

HanWJ Chinese Smart Editor, HanWJ Chinotes, Peom Helper feature improvements.

New:Annotated Chinese Reader (formerly HanZi Click Play) and Chinese Smart Editor added new feature: Annotate large Chinese paragraph. Chinese Smart Editor and Chinotes added Peom Helper feature. HanZi Click Play, Zi Decomposition

Bigger word-base.

HanZi Stroke Order, Zi Decomposition 2007-12:
HanZi Click Play. Click to Display Unknown HanZi Info Anywhere. Online Chinese-English dictionary.
Most convenient tool for reading Chinese text. HanZi definition, parts decomposition, stroke order, pronounciation - All is just 2 clicks away! It also has function to speak out Chinese/English text.

Bigger word-base.

HanZi Stroke Order, Zi Decomposition 2007-9:

All major HanWJ Chinese Software Products entered version 4.21:
New features for Chinese Teaching & Study: (1) Zi Info (including Definition, Zi Decomposition, Stroke Order, etc.) lookup dialog (Alt+Z). (2) Find out Zi by its components dialog (Alt+X).

Bigger word-base.

Simplify Chinese Pinyin 2007-6:

All major HanWJ Chinese Software Products entered version 4.11:
New HanWJ Pinyin simplifications: iao may be simplified as io, uang may be simplified as ug. e.g., jiao may be entered as jio, huang may be entered as hug.

Bigger word-base.

Chinese Software Hotkey Settings 2007-4:

HanWJ Chinese Input Engine 3.92-3.94

Added hot key settings for Chinese/Western input mode switching. See right screenshot. Solved QQ input issues reported by users.

All HanWJ Chinese software products are fitted with bigger word-base.

Chinese Mobile Software for Download 2007-2:

Chinese Input Mobile 3.90

Compact HanWJ Chinese Input Engine which enable people to input Chinese on other's PC. It can be installed on a USB stick which you take with you. Wherever you go, you can just find a computer and insert the USB stick, and snap(!), you are ready to type Chinese! The best thing is, it does NOT interfere with other's computer, doesn't leave data there, and does NOT change any system settings!

Chinese Pinyin Software 2007-1:

HanWJ Smart Editor 3.90,3.92:

New feature "Zi-Pinyin Combo": Put pinyin on top of Zi and make Zi & pinyin one-piece.

Old feature "Decorate Zi with Pinyin" can put pinyin on top of Zi, but Zi and pinyin are seperate entity, which means that if you insert new Zi or add line-break, the Zi & pinyin position-tie may be broken.
When learning or teaching Chinese, it is very helpful to be able to add pinyin onto Zi. It is even better to make the Zi and pinyin one-piece-entity in order to edit them.

Bigger Wordbase, input bug fixes.

Chinese Pinyin Input Software 2006-11:

All HanWJ Chinese Software£¨Windows£©:

*New feature. Toned PinYin input: when in Chinese input mode, first type in pinyin, then type in Tone key (in HanWJ Chinese software, Tone keys are the leftmost column of keys on keyboard), then type F8 or Right-ALT+e. See figure.

Star9 Chinese Writing Emulation 2006-6:

New feature: Star-9 Chinese Input Method. It is a stroke-based method, simulating pen-input on the 9-key small keypad. It is useful for learning Chinese writing and for people who don't know PinYin.


All HanWJ Chinese Software£¨Windows£©:	Added English version of Chinese Typing Tutorial Presentation.

HanWJ Chinese Input Engine:	Improved compatibility with other running applications.


All HanWJ Chinese Software£¨Windows£©:	Bigger Wordbase, input bug fixes.

HanWJ Input Engine 3.59:			Support for WPS2005; bug fixes.
HanWJ Smart Editor 3.64 Speech Edition:	Chinese/English text speaking;Speak-when-typing,save and play;
							Display of Chinese character description in English for character under mouse pointer.
HanWJ Smart Editor 3.64 Normal Edition:	Display of Chinese character description in English for character under mouse pointer.
HanWJ Chinotes 3.41:				Bug fixes.

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