HanWJ User Guide

June, 2003

    HanWJ Chinese software provides you with the best Chinese input/editing tools.

    HanWJ Chinese input has two modes, one is Chinese, the other is English.You can switch mode between Chinese and English by pressing +SPACE or by pressing F12 (or Ctrl,settable in Input Options dialog) key alone. Input mode can also be toggled by using relevant Input menu items.

    When in Chinese Input mode, you can select input method. There are two Input Methods implemented in HanWJ software: [HanWJ PinYin] and [HanWJ XingMa] with the former being the default.

PinYin is the most popular Chinese input Method. It is easy to learn. HanWJ has made every effort possible to improve the usability and efficiency of PinYin-based Chinese input£¬including a few really helpful inventions.

    HanWJ XingMa is radical-based input method.It is not as easy as PinYin-based method to learn. But HanWJ XingMa is very fast once learned. This document will concentrate on HanWJ PinYin.

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